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Wednesday, January 03 2018
Ways to benefit your posture.

Do you want to feel better, breathe easier, think clearer, be more productive and prevent a host of ongoing physical issues?

Have you ever considered making improving your posture a goal? Improving posture has all the benefits listed above plus many more. Here's a few ideas of how you can make changes in your life to help improve your posture.

Posture with smartphones and tablets

We are increasingly using smartphones and tablets instead of pcs and laptops. The downside to their portability is that we are more likely to have poor posture whilst using these devices.
There are many cheap accessories available online to help with placement of smartphones and tablets for extended use. Many have an adjustable arm that you can clamp to a nearby table and it will hold the tablet in front of your face while sitting or standing. This is especially important if you are streaming shows etc through tablets.

Posture at a desk
Now is the time to book a workplace ergonomic assessment if your workplace offers this. Even if you have had one before, it is beneficial to have an update at least every 12 months. 

If you work from home or spend regular amounts of time with household paperwork it is worthwhile sorting your office space as well. The above infographic has some good tips for a starting point.

Posture in the car
Many cars offer more than just seat adjustment to support ergonomics whilst driving these days. Steering wheels can be adjusted several ways. Seats can be raised to lowered. Spend a few minutes before you start your next journey to see what your options are and which of these offer the greatest support for your posture.

As a passenger watch out for long periods of smartphone or tablet use as with the movement of the car and restrictions on posture whilst in the cramped space. Try to only use devices when necessary and spend the time talking with the people you’re sharing the journey with or listening to podcasts etc.

Where else can you benefit your posture?

You may be an active cyclist yet have not checked your seat or handlebar adjustments.

Are you a runner? Have you ever had a running assessment? Correct running technique allows your energy to be spent more efficiently whilst exercising, reducing your time and preventing injury.

Look at your weekly schedule and put down how much time you spend on each activity.  What hobbies do you tend to get lost in? If you are unsure you may want to spend a few minutes at the end of each day writing down what you have done and how long you spent on this activity. Start with the activity you spend most time on and so forth until you are using correct posture in all your daily activities.

How regular massage benefits your posture.
Regular remedial massage benefits your by releasing locked or tight muscles allowing the muscles to return to their ideal resting length creating postural alignment. This allows your body to release problem areas that have built up over long term bad habits. It will also use energy more efficiently, prevent injuries from misuse of muscles and improve sleep by decreasing pain. Australian health funds offer rebates for Remedial Massage treatments.

How Pilates can help.
Helps by targeting weak muscles so the correct muscles engage when necessary preventing other muscles trying to hold and move the body in ways they are not designed to. Pilates is best when led by a Physiotherapist so you can tailor your sessions to what your body needs therefore achieving the best results. Bounce Physiotherapy in Balcatta offers regular Physio led pilates sessions, for more information contact reception via email or by phoning 9344 7476.

Your future self with thank you for it.

Beth Little

Diploma of Remedial Massage

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Tuesday, September 26 2017

A remedial massage treatment can incorporate several different massage techniques. The techniques used are based on the clients needs and their response to the particular technique. I often use sports, deep tissue and trigger point techniques as well as gentle lymphatic drainage when required.

Treatments will focus on the cause of the pain and dysfunction. Often the pain experienced will be a referral pain from another area of the body therefore an effective treatment requires a skilled therapist with experience and knowledge to locate these area's.

A remedial massage can be tailored for each clients pain threshold. Some clients with chronic pain may need a gentler session than an athlete. You are always encouraged to provide feedback during a session if you wish to work with your therapist in making the most of your session. 

Your remedial massage session will be eligible for a rebate from your health fund provider permitting you are covered for remedial massage. Our clinic has a health point allowing claims to be made on site so you will only be required to pay the gap.

Benefits of Remedial Massage include

*Pain reduction

*Improved posture

*Injury recovery

*Reduction of intensity and frequency of headaches and migraines

*Improved flexibility and joint mobility

*Improved circulation


Remedial massage is safe alongside treatments from Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and many other health care professionals. If you are currently under the care of a health care professional you can ask for them to send some information to your massage therapist to ensure the treatments are working together in the best possible way.

If you have further questions regarding remedial massage please contact me on or 0410883163.

Wishing you great health.

Beth Little

Dip RM

Beth Little - Mind and Body

19/257 Balcatta Road Balcatta


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Thursday, June 15 2017
Essential oils, heat creams and Remedial Massage

A question I am frequently asked is ‘What oil or cream do you use?’

In short, I use a water dispersible base massage oil. It is a light, odourless oil and easily washes out of clothes if any oil transfers from your skin to your clothing after your massage. In the seven years I have been using it for remedial and sports massage treatments there has been no adverse reactions from clients.

In our clinic space, we are focused on creating an environment to give you the best possible outcome from your treatment. As often we don’t know how something affects us until we have a negative reaction, I have chosen to leave all oils and creams with additives out of the treatment room.

By focusing on the effects created from a remedial massage you are able to feel how your body responds to massage. Adding oils and creams can make it difficult to clarify where the benefit came from, was it the massage itself or temporary relief heat cream? By knowing how our bodies respond to treatments we can make the best decisions for our needs when we experience pain.

As our clients are all experiencing different levels of health what works for one may not work for another. Different stages of life can also require different treatments and we may find what once was beneficial can be irritating. Often, we find a change in medication can have an effect on the skin, generally making it more sensitive. Care is needed in choosing what oils and creams will support the skin as well as improving muscular health.

Essential Oils

Whilst some people really enjoy essential oils and blends they can have negative effects on others. Even the residual smell of certain oils in a room can affect others.

The most common negative reactions are

* migraines

*skin irritation

*allergic reaction

Essential oils can be quite powerful so it is recommended to consult a qualified aromatherapist before use.

Heat creams

Often with soft tissue tension we reach for heat based creams which can have short term benefits but may mask a more serious issue.

These creams are great for short term although they are not designed for regular use. If you find yourself regularly reaching for these short term ‘band aid’ fixes it may be time to look at other options.

Heat creams also only treat the area that they have been applied on. As we know, often the cause of the pain is from another area. Leaving the cause of the pain untreated can create more damage and take longer to fix when it is finally addressed. A skilled remedial massage therapist will be able to reduce the pain in the symptomatic area as well as treating the cause of the issue.

Daily stretching, keeping hydrated and regular remedial massage all assist to maintain healthy soft tissue.

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